Account/Technical FAQs

How do I login to my Affiliate Account?

You can login to your affiliate account HERE

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password by going HERE and clicking the Forgot your Password? at the bottom of the login box.

How are cookies being tracked?

We are a FIRST cookie, LIFETIME cookie. This means you will receive lifetime commissions on any future sales extending past the end of the launch.

Affiliate FAQs

How do I earn money promoting Vaccines Revealed?

You earn commissions by referring your followers to the Vaccines Revealed website using your unique affiliate link. Your referrals will be able to purchase the varying packages of Vaccines Revealed.

You will earn percentage commission (40% Physical and 50% Digital) for every purchase.

You can also earn a 10% commission on any 2nd tier affiliate you sign up.

How can I promote Vaccines Revealed?

You can promote Vaccines Revealed by posting in Facebook groups, Facebook pages, through tweets on twitter, emailing your list of trusted followers, and by sharing your affiliate link on other social platforms.

Where do I find my links?

To get your links please login to the affiliate portal, HERE.

To view links: click on the Link Generator in the left-hand navigation menu

Free Viewing Opt-in: use this link in emails you send to your audience

2nd Tier Affiliate Link: use this link to recruit affiliates, and earn a 10% commission on anything they sell!

How do I know I'm promoting with my affiliate link?

To see your performance stats please login to the affiliate portal, HERE.

To view opt-ins & clicks: click on the Link Tracking Stats in the left-hand navigation menu

How can I see my stats? And how do I know if I am making money?

To see your performance stats please login to the affiliate portal, HERE.

To view commissions: click on the Commissions Generated in the left-hand navigation menu.

To view opt-ins & clicks: click on the Link Tracking Stats in the left-hand navigation menu.

Payout/Payout Schedule

You will earn 50% of every dollar they spend on the digital product and 40% for shipped products, for the lifetime of the product (not just this launch).

You will receive 80% with 60 days of the cart closing and the remainder within 60 days.  And then on monthly sales beyond that.

Product/Customer Service FAQs

Some of my subscribers are experiencing issues... where can I forward their emails to?

Please direct all Customer Service questions to: [email protected]


What is the Vaccines Revealed refund policy?

Please report damaged products within 10 days of receipt in order for a replacement to be sent.  Otherwise, replacements will not be sent and credits will not be issued.  Returns are accepted for 15 days following receipt of product.  Products must be in good and resalable condition in order to be accepted for refunds.  (Outdated or used products will not be accepted as a return). We will only accept return for products purchased through our company. There is a 15% restocking fee for all returned items, and shipping fees will not be refunded.

V/R does not pay for return shipping charges unless our company is responsible for the mistake.  All returns will receive an 85% refund of the cost of the merchandise returns issued directly to the same credit or debit card used for the original purchase.  The refund will be processed within 3 business days after the receipt of the return.  Please note that depending upon your bank and billing cycles, your credit will be posted with 1-2 billing cycles (generally 3-5 business days).

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