You may have heard about our upcoming online event called “Vaccines Revealed”. We have the world’s top luminaries and experts presenting the absolute best and most up to date advice and material for parents who really want to know what is going on behind the scenes and the marketing campaigns.

COMING SOON: We suggest sending a dedicated email during the week BEFORE the event starts to our video trailer squeeze page. Example of our trailer page here:

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You can also send every day during the event if you’d like.

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Will you join us in supporting the vaccine education mission? Let’s work together to empower parents with vaccine facts. It could change (and quite possibly even save) the lives of their children

… AND generate great income for you and your business at the same time?


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We think you’ll love joining us as an affiliate for this Vaccine Revealed event. Your followers are hungry for this content. Together we’ll change lives, and you’ll get paid well for your efforts.

Just register below and we’ll reach out personally to get you everything you need to make this event a success.

Any questions?

Reach out to our affiliate manager at [email protected]

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