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Pre-launch Email #1

Subject Line:

Help Us Expose the Alarming Truth


Email Body Text:

You need to know about something important.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo has been digging into the hidden truth behind vaccines.

As a health care provider, he found that the whole story wasn’t being told… and it needs to be told. When making critical decisions about your health and your children’s health, you need to be armed with the facts.

“Vaccines Revealed” is broadcasting their exclusive docu-series event for 9 days only. And you can watch the whole thing for FREE HERE

This is powerful – – If you want the latest, real information you will not want to miss this.

It’s time to expose the truth and take back our health care system.

With an award-winning film crew, we flew all over the world and got exclusive access to whistleblowers, former drug reps and university scientists.

As you probably know already…

The drug and vaccine industry is a multi-BILLION dollar enterprise… focused more on profits than human lives.

I was not ready to see things like…

Drug and vaccine companies blatantly falsifying documents…

Whistleblowers getting completely BURIED…

Our Government looking the other way…


And that’s not even to mention the tragic human cost of families ruined by vaccine injuries, endless medical bills… ruined marriages… and a rapid rise in chronic disease (especially in children).

It took months and months of care, attention and energy to edit each part of this stunning series. And now it’s finally ready for the world to see.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, holistic care and natural health.

“Vaccines Revealed tells the hidden story behind the vaccine industry.

And you can watch it FREE.

Register for this exclusive, screening now by Clicking HERE.

Thanks for joining us,



Pre-Launch Email #2

Subject Line:

Enough is Enough


Email Body Text:

Make sure you are registered to watch the exclusive screening of the docu-series, “Vaccines Revealed”FREE and online HERE for FREE viewing.

For decades Big Pharma has controlled and manipulated the media to keep certain truths hidden.

For example:

-Robert kennedy Jr. just released a book about mercury and vaccines, all science based. He’s dear friends with Arianna Huffington and many in the media and still….he can’t get anyone to promote it.

-An actual whistleblower within the DCD came out less than a year ago and said he was “ordered to doctor” the results of the 2004 study that said autism wasn’t related to the MMR vaccine. It’s been covered up and media won’t cover the story.

Enough is enough.

How can you help?

Watch and share the FREE online docu-series, “Vaccines Revealed” with a new episode every day for 9 days.

Real change will only come if we band together as concerned parents, health advocates and everyday heroes who are committed to exposing the truth and spreading the word.

We traveled the world with an award-winning documentary team and put together a magnificent Hollywood quality documentary series that will blow your socks off!

You won’t want to miss a single riveting episode.

Register HERE Now!




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