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Are you frustrated about the increasing lack of choice when it comes to vaccines? It’s easy to feel helpless when faced with the landslide of news about the removal of vaccine exemptions, censorship of vaccine safety news, and reports of forced vaccination in New York state.

However, it’s important to realize that you do have a voice.

The only way that change will happen is if people speak up, share their concerns, and defend their rights. But how do you do that? Good question!

We’ve had some people ask about how they can write their state legislators about vaccine safety and choice. Here are some suggestions (and a sample letter that you can use, which comes from an Ohio advocacy group but can be tailored to any state).

  1. When writing your state legislators, always be polite and courteous. Address them with the title “Senator” or “Representative.”
  2. Be concise. Shorter letters get better results!
  3. Be clear as to what you are asking of them. If your state currently has legislation being considered that you are concerned about, address the specific bill in question.
  4. Include your name and contact information in the letter.

To find contact information for your local representatives, go to this website and search for your state. Your representatives will be listed with links, which you can follow to contact them.

Below, you’ll find a sample letter which originated from the Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom group online. With their permission, we’ve updated it for general use, and you can insert specific names and states in the [brackets].

Sample Letter:

Dear [US Senator or Representative]:

I urge you to oppose any proposed action that would work to reduce parent’s access to vaccine exemptions, including those for reasons of conscience, religion, or medical contraindications.

Individuals who seek exemptions do so for a variety of reasons including negative personal experiences; extensive research of ingredients, risks, and benefits; and religious concerns about the procedure.

Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure with inherent, significant risks including death. Mandatory vaccination violates the principles of informed consent, personal liberty, and religious freedom defined in the Geneva Convention, the [STATE] and United States Constitutions, the Civil Rights Act, the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics, and the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. Informed consent to surgical or medical procedures or course of procedures.

As a citizen of [STATE], I respectfully request that you oppose any federal action to restrict [STATE] parents from access to vaccine exemptions. On behalf of all [STATE] citizens, I thank you for your support.


[**Your Signature**]

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