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If you don’t blindly follow the CDC’s vaccine schedule, you’ve probably heard it before… “anti-vaxxers” are dangerous, unreasonable, and unscientific. Professionalism, respect, and common decency suddenly become optional when the topic of vaccines comes up, and grown adults in respected positions of authority suddenly feel comfortable resorting to name-calling and behavior that resembles that of an elementary-school bully.

This sort of knee-jerk, overzealous reaction should raise red flags. After all, good science welcomes debate, research, and unbiased evaluation. The reaction that we’re seeing is one of fear, not of reason—if vaccines are, indeed, safe and needed, then there is no reason for concern when questions arise. If Big Pharma could prove their product’s harmlessness and if their true intentions were rooted in public health and safety and not in financial gain, there would be no need to villainize those who raise questions. Instead, there would simply be an invitation to a thorough investigation done by a non-biased third party.

Dr. Mark Geier holds both an M.D and a Ph.D. in genetics and worked for years with the National Institute of Health. He spent over 30 years in the field of vaccine safety and efficacy, during which time he worked directly with the FDA. He was instrumental in replacing the DTP vaccine with the DTaP, a move that dramatically reduced adverse vaccine reactions. Dr. Geier does not consider himself anti-vaccine, in fact, he has published a paper on the need to continue vaccinating for polio despite recent opinion that the vaccination campaign could be stopped.

So why, then, is he being called anti-vaccine?

As you’ll see in this video when any question about vaccines is raised it results in instant and serious backlash from the medical community. The swift, fear-based reaction that immediately labels those who dare to speak up as “quacks” has been effective in bringing down the careers of those whose interests lie purely in keeping the public as healthy as possible, and in preventing people from hearing the reasonable, rational, and scientifically solid concerns that many doctors and scientists have about this issue.

In this video, you’ll hear Dr. Geier share some clear, concise reasons that the flu vaccine is not only potentially dangerous to our health but also very inefficient in preventing disease and death. If you’re on the fence about the flu shot or if you know someone who could benefit from hearing from a medical doctor who has worked in the field, please take a moment to watch and share the video below:

This video clearly illustrates the fact that flu vaccines are not well-researched, not safe in the long run, and do not protect the public enough to warrant the large number of serious reactions that the vaccine uses. It also illustrates the problem with the vaccine industry as a whole:

“I’m not anti-vaccine,” says Dr. Geier. “But in our society, if you try to improve God, it’s blasphemy. And they act like this is God. I want to improve the vaccines, you can’t criticize the vaccines because you’re criticizing their god.”

He goes on to outline the fact that by simply trying to improve vaccines so that side effects are less dangerous (as in his work with the DTP immunization), you are attacked for threatening the entire industry…because if people learn that there are real risks, they’ll stop vaccinating.

Please, watch and share this video—Dr. Geier’s rational and concise discussion of the problem deserves to be heard by the public, and his experience is both sobering and illuminating as to the extent of the corruption surrounding the issue of vaccines.

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